Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mercy Rule

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Does Major League Baseball need to adopt a mercy rule? Texas batters Baltimore 30-3 in the first game of a doubleheader. In the nightcap, the Rangers shade the Birds 9-7 - wimps.

Some of the numbers are mind boggling. Despite the record breaking score, Balmer used only 4 pitchers. Texas reliever Wes Littleton got a save - i.e. credit for protecting a lead (the ol’ three innings preserving any lead rule). That qualifies as the ultimate cheap save.

Quite apart from 2 grand slams, every starter getting two hits and 7 runs batted in each for the No. 8 and No.9 hitters, "...the Rangers added five points to their team batting average, raising it to .258...Baltimore’s ERA went from 4.39 to 4.60." You might see that in an early season game were stats fluctuate due to small sample size, but not in late August after 130 odd games. Texas also stranded 18 runners.

It's official: Tim Henman, Britain's best tennis player in several decades is retiring. Never a Grand Slam winner, but always a place in the hearts of Middle England.

...when I reflect on my career, I was always able to maximise my potential. This was as good as I could have been. Regarding Wimbledon and the press, I'd be the first to admit that I'd probably be judged on whether I won Wimbledon or not. I don't think that's right.

Bush is more like 1930s appeaser Neville Chamberlain than Bush's hero and Chamberlain's successor, Winston Churchill.

"Tourisme" - Kante
"Big Time in the Jungle" - Old Crow Medicine Show
"Soko Yhinka" - Ali Farka Toure
"Brandenburg Concerto No.5" (J.S. Bach) - Muenchener Bach-Orchester
"Good Morning, Good Morning" - The Beatles
"Mary of the Wild Moor" - Johnny Cash
"Bears See Things Pretty Much the Way They Are" - Don Caballero
"Red Morning" - Devics
"Hornswoggle" - Humcrush

Orchid Watch
Despite a good effort to kill off this orchid - too much water, keeping it in a dark room - counter efforts to revive seem to be bearing fruit or buds even.

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