Friday, August 31, 2007

Non, je ne regrette rien

Virtual Unreality: WWF (not that WWF) on Second Life:
"Pack your virtual suitcase and head for Conservation Island, a place where an orangutan will sell you an ice cream and a floating panda will be your friend."

Plate tectonics: Manchester hit by sixth earthquake in a month.

Health News: Drug addled elephant in rehab.

Light bulb update: "European consumers will probably have to wait another year before they see the prices of energy-saving light bulbs fall, following a Commission decision to extend anti-dumping duties on imports from China rather than scrap them immediately."

Arsenal bought by the Russian mafia.

On the radio: y'know, the theme from 2001.

Culture night per la famiglia "donut": un film.

"Everybody's in a Band" - Two Dollar Guitar
"Satan's Friends" - Experimental Pop Band
"Dancing with the Moonlit Knight" - Genesis
"Twin Falls" - Built to Spill
"Wont' Get to Heaven" - Spriritualized
"Hum" - Bardo Pond
"Silver Rocket" - Sonic Youth
"Swastika Eyes" - Primal Scream
"I Won't Back Down" - Johnny Cash
"Expect Snakes" - The Anomoanon

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