Monday, September 17, 2007

Get Your V1agra Here

10 places not to take your hols

Iamadonut: guaranteed not unhealthy content according to the Chinese Government

It's EU Mobility Week: so get mobile, but preferably not using a car.

That Viagra e-mail? It is a scam.

England suck, England suck, England don't suck. Women to the rescue, as usual.

Suddenly, the Archbishop of York is an expert criminal investigator (or a stooge of the McCann media machine).

Make your opinion known, earn money (and earn me money): be a YouGov Panel member (sorry UK residents only).

WHOM have you slept with?

"Epitaph" - King Crimson
"Tower of Our Tuning" - Broadcast
"When We Reach the Hill" - The Black Heart Procession
"Silver Rider" - Low
"California" - Low
"Sine Wave" - Mogwai
"Comely Row" - Solex
"Desert Chorus" (from Harmonium) - John Adams
"Rainy Day, Dream Away" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
"The Story of Jazz" - Yo La Tengo

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