Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm a Little Teapot Short and Stout...

Teatime on the Grand Western Canal.

Not the intended walk due to FlyBe being the crappest airline in the world, but a pleasant stroll along the towpath at Tiverton.

"Galapagos" - Tortoise (Spring Heel Jack remix)
"Shoulder Length" - The Seas and Cake
"f.l.f. Precious Bodily Fluids" - Appliance
"No More Mosquitoes" - Four Tet
"Denvermolorado" - Atmosphere
"Dream for an End to Sorrow" - Rothko
"The Way You Say Good-Night" - The Magnetic Fields
"Washington D.C." - The Magnetic Fields
"The Fix" - The Black Heart Procession
"You Ain't Got a Hold on Me - Mark Kozalek

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