Sunday, September 16, 2007

Road Rash


Tarka Trail again. This time heading south from Puffing Billy towards Meeth, uphill for 6km, then a short drop into East Yarde. That was 22 minutes of hard pedalling. On the return trip managed to hit a steady 30kph on most sections though it is bumpy gravel with the odd remnant of ballast. Slowed for dogs and walkers, met and passed horses at Watergate. Then, nearing Torrington, belting along at 32kph, passed two people sitting on a bench. Distracted. Yikes!! That gate is approaching quickly!! Brakes. Skid on gravel. Wipeout. Road rash.

Green bin bags: do you realise that conventional plastic rubbish bags take a hundred or so years to degrade? These babies will degrade within 18 months. On the downside, you've got to order them online and they do produce CO2 when they degrade.

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