Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"If a Cow* Can't Eat It...

photo - baseball player Richie Allen scrawls boo on dirt
...I won't play on it," as Dick Allen, anti-establishment baseball star, famously said about artificial turf.

Although the press tried to pre-cook an excuse for English failure - the artificial turf in Moscow - it was instead was if you believe England "coach", Steve "Steve" McLaren, the usual scapegoat. The referee.

"The penalty was a disgrace, it was outside the box, the linesman didn't give it, it was the referee and he was very far away."

Sorry "Steve". That just about balanced England's offside goal.

The hapless grinner went on to add: "...I can't fault the players."

Well, if that's not the case, one might assume it's the coach's fault.

Dick Allen also earned infamy by scrawling messages in the infield dirt (see above) and commenting on the "boo birds" of Philly: "I can play anywhere; First, Third, Left field, anywhere but Philadelphia."

Looks like England should start scrawling help messages.

As for "Steve" McLaren, he can coach anywhere: Man United (as No.2), Middlesbrough, er Oxford, Derby, anywhere but [for] England.

To quote Allen: "Boo!"

"Snow is Falling" - Movietone
"Absolutely Sweet Marie" - Bob Dylan
"Drink DJs" - Alog
"Oh How I Miss You" - Broadcast
"Hub 100" - King of Woolworths
"Bones of Her Hands" - Archers of Loaf
"Sunday Morning Traffic" - Pullman
"Call of the Wild" - Jimi Tenor
"Foaming Love" - Bedhead
"Remember" - Experimental Pop Band
"Spiral" - John Coltrane

* - some sources say Allen said horse instead of cow.

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