Monday, November 28, 2005


I'm not an anti-christmastarian, but I do hate the holiday. I dislike the commercialism and the fact that people spend too much money on gifts that people don't want or don't need. Put the christ back in christmas? Sure. Only, I'm not a believer.

When I think of christmas, I have this slightly faded memory of the 1970s, cold rain, warm sparkling wine and the Two Ronnies. That's funny as during all but '78 and '79 my family was Stateside. (And we all know that 1979 means Thatcher; and, Thatcher means the horrible 80s.)

So, it's a month or so of tinsel and spending; bad music and drunkeness; receiving cards at work from who knows f@ck; chopping down trees and vacuuming up pine needles or buying a black artifical tree. The calendars and diaries are nice, but I only need the calendar. I've already bought my filofax refill. Maybe there'll be a hamper from Harrods with food that this veggie won't touch.

No cards or presents, please. No turkey or stuffing. It looks like spanikopta here on the 25th. On the 26th or 27th, it's down to my instutionalised parents.

Sorry, reader(s). There won't be much bonhomie here. There wasn't much in 2004 or 2003 either.

(Nevertheless, the boss (me) is paying for a "christmas" lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Plus, there's a couple of christmasy pictures on my photoblog. That's the limit.)

For that matter, I'm not too fond of New Year's Eve either.

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