Monday, January 15, 2007

Meet the Neighbours


As it finally stopped raining and blowing a force 9 gale yesterday, we took ourselves for a wee sunday stroll. It took us around some of the farms surrounding the village. Lots of not-so-nice smells, a couple of barking hounds, bleating sheep and these little dawgies. They are heffers, in fact.


This is looking back to the village on the return leg. Note the large pool of water. Has it been raining? Is Arsene Wenger a French tosser?


Apart from livestock, sprouts are grown less than a mile from the village. Now, that's a gas.

Look carefully and you can see Exmoor.


No sprouts, but that's Dartmoor in the distance. Allegedly you can see Bodmin Moor too on a clear day.

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