Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well, it’s not quite got that. No Vogons on my radar. Iamadonut is still posting.

That little kernel of an idea mentioned below has germinated and should be popping into a blogospace near you fairly soon.

August has kicked in. Even the e-mails have dried up. The 300 or so that have been clogging my inbox at work have been cleared. 90% of those failed – or is it passed – the three month test: if it hangs around and no one follows it up after three months, then it wasn’t important.

That August feeling is contributing to the rut-feeling at Donut Towers. It’s same-old same-old. Rise and shine at 0630. Catch the 0800 train, tube to Embankment. Boot up the craptop, read the industry news. And, then try to fill the day with interesting stuff. Lunch at the desk. Tube to Balham. Home at 1915. Crap TV. Uninspired at the keyboard. No blog posting. Try to read in bed; eyes too tired.

Message to self: have an eye test.

Is it just me or are there some TV programmes where you only ever see the same episode, four or five times? The few occasions that I’ve had the "pleasure" of seeing "Friends" – probably when I was either too drunk to care and too tired to pick up the remote control – I’m sure it was always the one where somebody does something and then they talk about it at the coffee bar.

Last night was a classic example. I sat down to trim some runner beans and flick on Michael Palin’s Sahara. I’ve seen it once before, when he went to Tunisia, where he revisited the set for "Life of Brian", then to Algiers, where kept banging on about the security situation. Guess which instalment was on last night?

What about them Nats, eh? Another one run loss. Jeez. Stop intentionally walking people, Frank.

Meanwhile, "Bring it On!" as the good Doctor says. C’mon Freddie!

Gotta go now. There’s sirens blaring and a police helicopter doing it’s nut. It’s a Thursday. Bad omens? I hope not.

"Turn the crank, Frank"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005



is a Giant Lizard that looks like a Man in a Rubber Suit, has a Sharp Beak, swats Aeroplanes like Flies, and is in League with Dark Forces.

Strength: 8 Agility: 4 Intelligence: 4

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via Yuda's Nats' Gameday Chatter (where you might find me from time to time)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Rumours of Iamadonut's demise were premature. This blog was taking a short break to figure out what the hell was going on. It took sometime to figure out it wasn't hell that was going on. London is many things, but it sure isn't hell. Claustrophobic, overheated underground trains may be uncomfortable and, particularly in these post 7 July times, scary, but not quite hell.

Donut boy spent 30 minutes or so last night posting a few pictures over at Donut's Daily Daguerreotype. This morning I dropped a short post at the long forgotten Commuterland. Shazzle has used Commuterland to share 7 July feelings. Thanks, Shazzle.

If you have any post 7 July thoughts, you are more than welcome to post them there. Please drop me an e-mail to sign up.

Notwithstanding the above (I got that phrase from 19 years of Civil Service hackery), things are about to change here at Iamadonut. Plans are afoot. They may be realised, they may not. Iamadonut has perhaps served its purpose and needs to be cast to the ether. Dunno. You'll be the first to know.