Saturday, October 20, 2007

C'mon England

Almost impossible to miss the hype.

All we can say here is that at least England can't lose on penalties to Germany.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"If a Cow* Can't Eat It...

photo - baseball player Richie Allen scrawls boo on dirt
...I won't play on it," as Dick Allen, anti-establishment baseball star, famously said about artificial turf.

Although the press tried to pre-cook an excuse for English failure - the artificial turf in Moscow - it was instead was if you believe England "coach", Steve "Steve" McLaren, the usual scapegoat. The referee.

"The penalty was a disgrace, it was outside the box, the linesman didn't give it, it was the referee and he was very far away."

Sorry "Steve". That just about balanced England's offside goal.

The hapless grinner went on to add: "...I can't fault the players."

Well, if that's not the case, one might assume it's the coach's fault.

Dick Allen also earned infamy by scrawling messages in the infield dirt (see above) and commenting on the "boo birds" of Philly: "I can play anywhere; First, Third, Left field, anywhere but Philadelphia."

Looks like England should start scrawling help messages.

As for "Steve" McLaren, he can coach anywhere: Man United (as No.2), Middlesbrough, er Oxford, Derby, anywhere but [for] England.

To quote Allen: "Boo!"

"Snow is Falling" - Movietone
"Absolutely Sweet Marie" - Bob Dylan
"Drink DJs" - Alog
"Oh How I Miss You" - Broadcast
"Hub 100" - King of Woolworths
"Bones of Her Hands" - Archers of Loaf
"Sunday Morning Traffic" - Pullman
"Call of the Wild" - Jimi Tenor
"Foaming Love" - Bedhead
"Remember" - Experimental Pop Band
"Spiral" - John Coltrane

* - some sources say Allen said horse instead of cow.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Civic Duty

Civic planting in Barnstaple.

On this evidence, the police in Tampa might not make it on to CSI.

Our local village shop on TV. Click on "Latest Edition" and scroll to 19:10. Lack of local customers hurts, but closure of the Post Office will kill it.

Got your free Radiohead yet? How much did you pay?

"I Shall Be Free" - Bob Dylan
"Bittersweet Me" - R.E.M.
"Time to Find Me (Afx Fast Mix)" - Seefeed
"Chronology" - Ornette Coleman
"Djed (Bruise Blood Mix)" - Tortoise
"Song Meat" - Subtle
"Simple Halo" - Shipping News
"Chorale" - Spring Heel Jack
"Saint Stephen" - Grateful Dead
"Wren's Nest" - Vic Chesnutt
"Rockstar" - Sebadoh
"Love is Like Jazz" - The Magnetic Fields
"For Lack of Better Words" - Orso

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Autumn leaves


Autumn kicks in along the River Taw.

Great football kits of our time.

Great football quotes of our time:

"...[Avram Grant] is in a no-win situation, unless he wins..." - Graham Taylor

"Rain King" - Sonic Youth
"Tak" - Kim Hiorthoy
"Lewis" - Yo La Tengo
"Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása" - Sigur Rós
"New Adventures" - Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia
"Love Detective" - Arab Strap
"That's the Way" - Led Zeppelin
"Big Boss Man" - Grateful Dead
"Solitaire" - The Notwist
"Tjed" - Tortoise
"De Gal Komt in mijn Mond" - Silvester Anfang
"You Set Off My Brain" - Simian
"Afterwards" - Arab Strap

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stuff Happens

Contrary to rumours, we've not travelled so far west as to fall off the edge of the earth. But, there has been a brief hiatus whilst the writer, editor and proprietor had another drink. Regular stuff (but not margaritas) will return sometime.

Meanwhile, Younes Kaboul lost his shirt, but saved Tottenham's blushes on the night the famous North London side celebrated 125 years of glory (tm).

Is it enough to save beleagured coach Martin Jol?

On the one hand, Jol has led the club to it's best ever Premier League finishes, to a UEFA Cup quarter-final, cup semi-finals and has the confidence of the players and most of the fans. On the other, Tottenham spent £40m to improve the squad over the summer yet sit 18th, which seems unlikely to dramatically improve in October as the club face Liverpool and Newcastle (both away) in their next two matches, Jol has lost the confidence of the board and the defence is a joke.

Replacing Jol seems a no-brainer (to the board) if a suitable candidate is available. But with Ramos of Valencia and Mourinho apparently uninterested, there is no immediate candidate. So, Jol will probably survive another few weeks.


"...But my family are all in the Marines and a commander never leaves his troops. If he does that he's lost. I kept my head cool."

Late result, FA Cup 2nd round replay: Hitchin Town 5, Haverhill Rovers 0. Up the Canaries!

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